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Can you think of anything more adventurous?!  Experience the exhilarating Hawaii shark tours that will definitely be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation! Shark Week is awesome and all, but actually going out and doing it for yourself is a huge shark bite out of your bucket list. 

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Marine Life on Shark Tour

Sand Bar & Galapagos Sharks

Sand Bar Sharks (left) & Galapagos Sharks (right) will be the most common open water sharks you’ll see on your shark cage diving adventure. Both species are pictured at the top of this page as well. Sand Bars can grow up to 8 ft while Galapagos can grow up to 10 ft. They may not seem big compared to the other marine life listed below, but once you’re in the water with them, you’ll quickly realize they are larger than you.

Galapagos Sandbar Sharks Illustration with Person for Scale

Tiger & Great White Sharks

Tiger Sharks (left) & Great White Sharks (right) are the larger shark species that reside in Hawaii’s open waters. We have yet to see a Great White shark visit the shark cage. Growing up to 21 ft, they do swim in the waters of Hawaii, but they tend to be more of a shy shark and most likely stay away from human activity. Tiger Sharks, being more curious, like to visit the shark cage every once in a while and it is a pleasure to see them due to their larger size. Growing up to 16 ft! When they make an appearance, we get excited too.

Tiger Great White Sharks Illustration with Person for Scale

Whale Sharks

Although whale sharks frequent the waters of Hawaii they very rarely stop by the shark cage, but when they do, believe us when we say that it’ll be one of the highlights of your life. These beautiful creatures have been said to grow up to 46 ft, but it’s safe to say that the average size is more around 33 to 39 ft.

Whale Illustration with Person for Scale

The Humpback Whale

Weighing in at 40 tons and growing up to 52 ft, the humpback whale is the largest marine life you could see from the shark cage! These majestic creatures visit Hawaii every year from November through May and during that period they sometimes venture close enough to the shark cage to see beneath the water’s surface or you may not see them, but hear the beautiful sounds they make. It is more common, during whale season, for you to see their water spouts or jumping out of water as we boat 2 miles out to the shark cage location.

Humpback Whale Illustration with Person for Scale

Marine Life not on Shark Tour

White Tipped Reef & Hammerhead Sharks

Many people have asked about them. Though White Tipped Reef Sharks (left) & Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks (right) swim in our tropical waters, they do not visit the shark cage. On our adventure you get to see what are considered open ocean or pelagic sharks. White tipped reef sharks are named so because they stick to coral reef areas usually hiding during the day in coral caves or underneath coral ledges. You’ll more than likely see them while snorkeling or scuba diving around shallow coral reef areas. They only grow up to around 5 ft and aren’t aggressive, frequently swimming away from you as soon as you see them. Scalloped hammerheads are more shy and stick to bay areas without much human activity. This is where they give birth, providing shelter for their pups. Adults like to stay where the continental shelves end and the deep drop off begins. They are usually found in the Kaneohe bay area and can grow up to a whopping 14 ft.

White Tip Hammerhead Sharks Illustration with Person for Scale

Black Tipped Reef & Grey Reef Sharks

While these species roam the waters of Hawaii, Black Tipped Reef Sharks (left) & Grey Reef Sharks (right) stay closer to reef areas and away from the larger open ocean species that you’ll see on our shark tour. Both reach up to 5.5 – 6 ft in length and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them while scuba diving in the deeper coral reef areas.

Black Tip Reef and Grey Reef Sharks Illustration with Person for Scale