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Helicopter + Volcano

Big Island volcanoes, waterfalls spilling into the ocean, & world renowned Hawaiian coastline from a helicopter! Feel the Heat >

Helicopter & Volcano

Our Helicopter Tours are getting even better views of the lava in Halema’uam’u Crater as well as the otherwise inaccessible Pu’u O’o Vent.
Big Island Helicopter Tours
Of course, if you’re aiming to get the best view of a volcano you’re going to want an overhead view. Through a variety of available packages, your chances to see some of these natural beauties from above increases tenfold. A selection of helicopter tours, offered with an open-door view to give an unprecedented view of the surrounding region, are readily available for adventurers that aren’t weary of heights.

Helicopter with Doors Off - Hilo

Take a thrilling flight above one of the most active volcanoes on the planet!

Sites of volcanic activity
Lush rainforest
Famous waterfalls
2-way headsets
50 min. ride
Expert narration
Mauna Loa vistas
Doors off ride!

Helicopter Fire & Water - Hilo

Big Island volcanoes, waterfalls spilling into the ocean, & world renowned Hawaiian coastline from a helicopter!

50 min. ride
Volcano views
Waterfall coastline
Expert narration
Certified tour guides
Volcanoes national park
2-way headsets
Hilo Bay

Kona Volcano with Kohala Landing

View the Volcano from the highest vantage point will be one of many memorable moments on this adventure.

Sites of volcanic activity
Rainforest landing
Easy remote hike
Towering waterfalls
Breathtaking coastline
2000ft valley walls
2 hour ride
2-way headsets

Spectacular Helicopter From Waikoloa

Fly from Kona to see current volcanic activity at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Sites of volcanic activity
Towering waterfalls
2000ft valley walls
Black sand beaches
Breathtaking coastline
10 climate zones
1hr 45min ride
Expert narration

Paradise Zipline + Helicopter + Volcano

A combo experience that shows you the Big Island from as many perspectives as possible in one complete tour.

8 ziplines
Zip over waterfalls
Volcanoes national park
60 min. heli ride
Dinner at volcano winery
Deli-style lunch
2 miles of river gorges
Snacks & beverages
Oahu Helicopter Tours

Oahu to Hilo: Volcano Land Tour & Helicopter Ride

Go from a scenic helicopter tour, to craters and black volcanic deserts straight into deep green valleys.

45 min. flight
Volcano from land/air
Black sand beach
Rainbow falls
Volcanoes National Park
Volcanic craters
Steam vents
Scenic breakfast buffet
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