Oahu Zipline Tours

High-flying Adventure for the Whole Family!

Woman give a shaka gestures while ziplining at CLIMB Works on the North shore, Oahu Zipline Tours.

Oahu Zipline Tours: Adventure Awaits!

Whether you’re looking for a zipline tour on Oahu with scenic coastal views or just a high-flying, fun adventure for the family, we’ve got you covered!

There are several great ziplining tours and locations to choose from. From picturesque working farms to amusement parks designed to satisfy your need for speed, there’s something to suit every interest. You can even add on an ATV excursion if you’re feeling extra adventurous!

Although adrenaline and adventure are guaranteed, safety is the top priority. Tours start with a safety briefing, and a knowledgeable guide will be there to assist you. 

All levels of experience are welcome, but some age and weight limits may apply. 

Oahu Zipline Locations

Oahu zipline tours are located in several picturesque corners of the island. Locations include the famous Kualoa Ranch, the charming Keana Farm on the North Shore, and the Coral Crater amusement park which is close to the resorts of Ko Olina. 

Ziplining in Kualoa Ranch

Jurassic Zipline Adventure at Kualoa Ranch

Tour Length

2.5 Hours



Traverse the valley via seven ziplines, suspension bridges, and nature walks. Pass by filming locations and set pieces scattered around Kualoa Ranch.
Seven-line course at the beautiful Kualoa Ranch
Ziplines from 200 to 1,320 feet in length
See Jurassic Park filming locations
Soar over movie sites & props
A family with a mom and dad and a boy and girl ziplining at Coral Crater Adventure Park in Oahu, Hawaii

Full Zipline at Coral Crater (West Oahu)

Tour Length

2 Hours



This signature 2-hour zipline tour will take you down 6 ziplines ranging from 300 to 900, reaching speeds up to 35 mph! Transportation available.
Soar down six lines fully guided
Reach speeds up to 35 mph!
All the latest safety equipment
First-timers welcome!
Zipline and ATV Package in west Oahu at Coral Crater

Full Zipline & ATV Package at Coral Crater

Tour Length

3 Hours



Zoom down six ziplines then take off on another adventure on side-by-side ATVs as you explore a custom technical course through a hardwood forest.
Zipline at speeds up to 25 mph
Soar through a six zipline course
Enjoy a one-hour side-by-side ATV tour
Friendly and professional guides
Woman give a shaka gestures while ziplining at CLIMB Works on the North shore, Oahu Zipline Tours.

North Shore Zipline at Keana Farms

Tour Length

3 Hours



Enjoy a 3-hr guided zipline tour that includes Oahu's longest ziplines. Soar above farmland as you learn about Hawaii's rich history and culture.
Oahu's longest & tallest dual zipline
Incredible ocean views
Great ziplines for ALL ages
Enjoy an incredible walk through the forest