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E komo mai to the Destination of a Lifetime!

We know these islands because we live here, and we’re excited to share our favorite tours and activities with our guests. Millions of savvy travelers each year choose Hawaii as their vacation destination, and one of the reasons is the huge variety of things to do here.

We take pride in offering visitors an array of tours and excursions for every interest and budget. Hawaii has it all: magnificent National Parks, historic sites, world-class beaches, water sports, mind-blowing outdoor adventures, and so much more to make your visit one you’ll never forget.

With so many options, it can start to feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in! With our years of experience, we can help you choose the tours and activities that will truly make Hawaii the Destination of a Lifetime!

Read on for some of the best ways to spend your days-and nights-in Paradise.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a dream destination for history buffs, drawing in nearly two million visitors each year. You may never have visited Hawaii before but you probably know at least a little about Pearl Harbor, which is by far the most important historic site on in all of Hawaii. December 7, 1941, ‘a date that will live in infamy,’ cemented its place in the history books. On that day, Pearl Harbor and other military targets around Oahu were attacked by Japanese bombers and fighter planes. Over 2,400 people lost their lives on Oahu that day.

For most visitors, a Pearl Harbor tour is the best way to see this historic site. Tours all include round-trip transportation, most from the Waikiki area but some from Ko Olina, on Oahu’s leeward side. Tours also include tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program, the highlight of a trip to Pearl Harbor. Of course, one of the biggest advantages of a Pearl Harbor tour is having an expert guide who provides plenty of background information about the 1941 attack as well as tips and tricks to make the most out of your time here.

We offer a wide range of tour options that include other Pearl Harbor sites such as the Battleship Missouri, the Bowfin submarine, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Whether you want to spend a full day here or just a few hours, there’s a Pearl Harbor tour for every interest and budget. And for guests staying on the other islands, we even offer one-day tours to Pearl Harbor that include round-trip flights to Honolulu!

Hawaiian Luau

One of Hawaii’s most cherished traditions is the luau, which dates back to the early 1800s. The origin of the Hawaiian luau comes from a time when men and women-even royalty-were forbidden from eating together. This all changed with King Kamehameha II, who shattered the taboo and shared a meal with his mother and step-mother. With this, a new tradition was born that’s lasted to this day.

Today, the luau is a big party, complete with lavish feasting and entertainment. Most luaus follow a similar format, and begin with cultural activities including hula and lei-making lessons. Guests are typically welcomed with a lei, often accompanied by a tropical cocktail. Next, it’s time to eat! Luaus usually offer a sumptuous buffet, including exotic menu items such as Kalua pig that’s been slow-roasted in an underground oven called an imu; poi, made from pounded taro root; lomi lomi salmon and otherfish and seafood; and an assortment of sweets such as haupia, a delicious coconut custard.

But luau experiences are much more than a meal with some music. You can expect an exciting show featuring entertainers who sing, dance, and tell riveting stories of ancient Polynesia. The climax of manyluau shows is a thrilling fire knife dance that will have you on the edge of your seat.

There are many luaus to choose from, on all of the major islands. We visit them all and rate them on various elements such as food, drinks, location, and entertainment. Only the best luaus on each island make the cut, so you know that whichever luau you decide on, you’re in for a treat!

Zipline Adventures

One of the most thrilling activities we offer comes with a bird’s eye view of lush tropical greenery. We’re talking about ziplining, one of the most exciting ways to experience our glorious outdoors, and there aresome terrific options on each of the main islands.

Ziplining originated in mountainous areas around the world as a means of crossing gorges and rivers. In its early forms, it could be pretty dangerous, and no one did it for fun! Luckily, that’s all changed. Today, with state-of-the-art equipment and courses designed by experts, ziplining is a fun, safe activity that canbe enjoyed by just about everyone.

Zipline adventure guides provide detailed instruction and tips, so participants can relax and enjoy thisexciting experience.

There are zipline adventures throughout the islands, each with stunning views and heart-pounding rides that send you soaring through the treetops at speeds that will take your breath away. But don’t worry, every zipline course we offer uses the most advanced equipment available, and your safety is always thetop priority.

Big Island Volcano Tours

The spectacular Hawaiian Islands were all created by volcanoes. As the tectonic plate that Hawaii sits on moved over the volcanic ‘hot spot’ deep in the Earth, lava built up until each island broke the surface of the water. This process is still taking place on the Big Island of Hawaii, the youngest in the chain. The most recent eruption only ended in late 2018, so its effects are still easy to see. New lava fields cover large areas of the eastern side of Hawaii, and even changed the shape of the coastline there. Tour Hawaii offers lots of options for experiencing this spectacular place. There are hiking tours thattake you over rough fields of hardened lava and to the edge of volcanic craters that until recently were

filled with fiery liquid rock. For a bird’s-eye view, you can choose from several different helicopter tours that take you over the craters and other breathtaking sights including waterfalls and rugged sea cliffs. Even if you’re staying on Oahu, you can still experience the Big Island’s volcanoes with a one-day tour that includes round-trip flights from Honolulu to Hilo. You’ll see the awe-inspiring power of nature and be back in Waikiki in time for a nightcap!

Water Sports

Being an island chain, we’re surrounded by water. And what water it is, too! The beautiful blue Pacific Ocean beckons visitors and locals alike to take part in the endless activities available in and on the water.

The Pacific Ocean is home to a huge variety of marine life that can only be found here. While snorkeling, you may see playful dolphins, schools of colorful fish, manta rays, and our beloved Hawaiian green sea turtles that we call honu. Magnificent humpback whales spend the winter months in our waters, where they come to mate and to give birth to their calves. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of these huge creatures and hear their haunting song.

Tour Hawaii invites you to dive in for exciting water sports including snorkeling and kayaking. How about jumping into a steel cage and meeting some sharks face-to-face? Hop on a jet ski or a parasail and see Hawaii from a whole new perspective.


Not everyone wants to be in the water. Some people are perfectly happy to be on the water instead, aboard a comfortable sailing vessel, preferably with a tasty tropical beverage in hand. We’ve got that covered, too!

How about a cruise along the waters off Waikiki Beach on a Friday night to watch a beautiful fireworks display? Perhaps a day in the sun in West Oahu, where you might be accompanied by spinner dolphins and other friendly creatures. Maybe a fishing charter is more to your liking. And who wouldn’t enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise with live music and exquisite cuisine?

At Tour Hawaii, we take pride in finding the best activities in the islands. We check out each one in person, and if we don’t have a great time, we don’t offer it to our guests. It’s as simple as that.

Welcome to the Destination of a Lifetime!