This activity is located on: Kauai Island

Koloa Kauai Sunset/Night Zipline


For 3.5 hours, you cross the increasingly darkening terrain, eventually ziplining under the glow of the moon! This is the absolute best way to see the sun go down and the sky fill with millions of twinkling stars.


Everybody loves ziplining, but does everybody know you can take a tropical zipline adventure up a great big notch by waiting until the sun sets? It's a pretty well-kept secret, known to only a few savvy visitors, and now you're in on it! With Koloa Zipline's Sunset/Night Zipline tour, you get to see for yourself how zipping at night transforms the entire experience!


  • 8 Sunset & Nighttime Ziplines
  • Longest Zipline on Kauai
  • 3 of the longest ziplines including Waita zipline (1/2 mile)
  • 2 forest hikes that are 400ft
  • Incredible beauty of Kauai's south shore

Activity Times:

3:00 PM
3:45 PM
4:30 PM

Activity Duration:

3.5 Hours

Upgrade Options:

No upgrades available

What’s Included?

8 lines and lasts approximately 3.5 hours
3 of the longest lines on island including the Waita zipline (1/2 mile)
Tandem ziplining, your choice of harness, handlebar pulleys, sunset ziplining, Ground School, and Aerobatics.


Kauai Sunset Zipline


The Koloa Sunset Zipline tour sets you off on the ride of your life. Like any thrilling zipline adventure, you're strapped in and sent on a high-flying journey across Kauai’s stunning terrain. The difference with the sunset tour is the glow in the sky as the sun dips beneath the horizon. What you’re treated to is a natural spectacle as the glow of the sun just barely illuminates the sky, casting ever-lengthening shadows and creating silhouettes of the large palm trees.

Fly down eight amazing lines, each one providing you a different glimpse at the wondrous terrain of Koloa. As you soar, you pass over an expansive ecosystem that features a rich variety of flora and fauna. Not only is it a beautiful sight to behold day or night, it’s a location with plenty of history.

The Koloa Sunset Zipline tour offers the Flyin’ Kauaian harness. If it sounds fancy, that’s because it is! The state-of-the-art harness is not only completely safe, it also allows you to fly down in different poses. The most popular has to be the superhero pose, as if you’re soaring over the beauty of Kauai as your favorite airborne hero.

Along with a variety of harness options, you also benefit from a top-of-the-line braking system, so you can keep your attention on the high-flying adventure. Some places require you to manually brake at the end of each segment, but Koloa's ziplines do the work for you! This also frees your hands to take pictures or even record video of your ride!

Before you set out on your adventure, expert guides walk you through the ins-and-outs of ziplining. Now’s the time to ask questions! Then it's time to take all your new knowledge and use it to make the most of your sunset zipline adventure!

If you’re going to try ziplining in Hawaii, why do the same old tour that everyone is on when you can experience something as incredible and unique as the Koloa Sunset Zipline tour?

Know before you book:

  • Koloa Zipline operates 7 days a week. Rain or shine we still zipline.
  • Times are seasonal and may change slightly. Check booking calendar for current availability.
  • Check-in at our retail store in KOLOA 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time. From there, you will be given directions to drive to the base yard where you will be outfitted with your gear and begin your adventure.
  • Tour consists of 8 ziplines. Guests receive locally made snack from Anahola Granola, Juice, and water. Please be aware of food allergies and/or sensitivities.
  • Tours are limited to 12 guests to ensure personal attention. During peak season please make your reservations in advance to assure your space.
  • We accept Hawaii State ID or Hawaii Drivers License for Kamaaina discount when booking directly by phone ONLY. You must have ID at check-in to be granted discount.
  • Shirts with sleeves (tank tops are not recommended).
  • Knee length shorts or pants.
  • Jacket to be on the safe side (optional but best to bring).
  • Sturdy closed toe shoes are required. Sneakers and boots are ideal. Slip-ons like Crocks are not allowed.
  • Guests can bring a backpack for personal items (camera, water etc..). Affordable, lightweight packs are available for purchase upon check-in. All guests are responsible for the items they bring on the tour.
  • Camera and Video cameras (we are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items)
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