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Pirate Ship Daytime Cruise


You have always wanted to be on a Pirate Ship, join our crew on an Exciting Adventure!


Ahoy, mateys! Come and embark on a rollicking journey that transports you back in time with Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures. Once you board the vessel, feel free to purchase gear that will turn you into a pirate. Whether you want an elaborate hat or just an eye patch, we have what you need to set sail n fine pirate style. Our ship departs for Kewalo Basin Harbor, which is just a mile west from the hotels of Waikiki.


  • Fun and excitement exploring a Pirate Ship at sail
  • Pirate Ship comes complete with Water Canyons
  • Please feel free to BYOB, we'll do the driving.
  • A true scallywag pirate crew helps you find the hidden treasure.
  • Enjoy non stop, family fun for all ages!
  • World-class views of Diamond Head and Waikiki

Activity Times:

10:00 AM

Activity Duration:

1.5 Hours

Upgrade Options:

Birthday Bonus Pack ($29)

What’s Included?

Our cruise adventures are terrific fun for everyone from those traveling to Hawaii for the first time to regular visitors to born-and-raised locals! Experience the ocean like a real pirate aboard a Spanish galleon! You’re not likely to get wet on the cruise, so swimwear isn't necessary. To really get into the pirate spirit, check out the selection of themed apparel available for purchase on board. Pirate garb makes for excellent photos and videos to commemorate your voyage!

Here are a few things to bring on your adventure:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bottled water
  • Medications
  • Snacks
  • Baby/Child Supplies (daytime cruises only)
  • Adult beverages (BYOB evening cruises only) in non-glass containers
  • Light jacket for evening cruises


Hawaii Pirate Ship


There are so many things that make traveling to Hawaii attractive to visitors. The sights and sounds of beautiful islands like Oahu are intriguing. Many of the popular attractions and excursions here involve the stunning blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, and one of the most unusual has to be climbing aboard a pirate ship for a day—or night—of high-seas adventure! Families, couples, singles, and groups of all sizes enjoy the fun and excitement that our pirate ship cruise excursions offer!

Get ready for the swashbuckling adventures that take place onboard an authentic pirate ship sailing under the Jolly Roger. The Treasure Seeker is a fantastic vessel for guests who want to get a real pirate experience. There’s no better way to invade the shores of Waikiki or Honolulu Harbor. We invite you to join us for a rowdy good time as you enjoy spectacular views of the island and the beautiful clear waters of the Pacific. Seek fortune, glory, and thrilling sensations as you ride the waves with our crew on our 83-foot Spanish galleon!

Pirate Daytime Cruise

Adventurous visitors like you choose Hawaii for vacation each year because there is so much to explore in this fantastic destination. It's easy to see why more and more travelers visit the Aloha State each year. The Pirate Daytime Cruise provides a family-friendly option sure to thrill all adventure-seekers. Our daytime cruise is perfect for swashbucklers of all ages!

The Treasure Seeker is well-equipped for the journey and the treasure hunt ahead. We're also ready to meet any rivals we may encounter on the high seas. Passengers should be ready to man a cannon to protect the ship at a moment’s notice, like any good pirate! The Treasure Seeker can accommodate up to 47 passengers, so be sure to book passage early!

Experience the life of a pirate as soon as you come aboard. Adults and children alike take on their characters in real style. Relax and enjoy the entertainment, or get into the action and become part of the crew! Even the wee buccaneers onboard have the opportunity to play games, train for combat, and search for treasure! When you hear battle music and sound effects, it's a signal that the time has come to put your pirate skills to work. The little ones take part in the action by manning water cannons.

The Treasure Hunt

Of course, the pirate life is mainly about treasure hunting. Passengers enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they search for—and find!—treasure. Although you don't have to participate in pirate activities and duties, we're sure you'll be glad you did. After all, the more you get involved on this fun voyage, the better the photos you'll have to share with your landlubber mates.

We offer plenty of choices of days and times available for your adventure. Remember to book your pirate cruise online to receive discounted pricing. Be sure to arrive on time for your cruise, or you may end up losing your spot to a scallywag on the waitlist. Plan to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Know before you book:

  • Ahoy Matey! There's a little chance you'll get wet, so wear comfortable clothes - or better yet, dress in a pirate-inspired outfit.
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