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This activity is located on: Big Island

Discover Volcano Country Tour from Hilo


There's more to explore than volcanoes during your stay in Hawaii!


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an absolute must-see when visiting the Big Island of Hawaii. It is located in Ka’u district, the southern-most district of the island. During this seven-hour tour, your expert guide takes you from a rugged lava tube to volcanic shorelines, while teaching you all about the unique riches and challenges the Big Island offers to its residents.


  • Explore the wonders of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  • Learn about life on an active volcano
  • Watch for Hawaii's famous green sea turtles on a black sand beach
  • Taste coffee from one of the worlds best growing regions
  • Walk through a lava tube
  • Learn about the mythology shaped by Hawaiis unique environment

Activity Times:

8:35 AM

Activity Duration:

7.5 Hours

Upgrade Options:

No upgrades available

What’s Included?

  • Deli lunch: Including sandwich or salad (choice of turkey, ham, tuna, veggie, or mac nut chicken salad) chips, juice drinks, and a sweet treat. 
  • All entry fees
  • Water and assorted beverages
  • Use of warm gear and other hiking equipment


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Lava activity is unpredictable & never guaranteed.


It's common knowledge that Hawaii was born from volcanoes. But what do volcanoes look like, how do they work, how do they affect the lives of people, animals, forests, and everything around them? How does our growing and moving earth shape islands and the cultures that grow on them? And isn’t it dangerous to live on a volcano? These are just some of the questions to be answered on this seven-hour tour!

Image for illustrative purposes only. Lava activity is unpredictable & never guaranteed.

All the highlights of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park—one of Hawaii’s most–visited outdoors attractions—are included in this tour. That means learning about what’s happening beneath the surface, and then witnessing it firsthand. Hawaii’s volcanoes are a living phenomenon, which have created new landscapes around every corner. Exploring a desert of jet black hardened lava that leads to a seaside cliff and lava tubes tall enough to walk through are just two highlights of the day. Conditions at the Park’s main attraction, Halemaumau crater, change every day. Owing to the small group size, your tour guide is able to ensure that all your questions are answered, so you get the most out of your day on the volcano.

And dramatic mountains aren’t the only things to see in Ka’u district. It is also a world famous coffee farming region, and home to many other delicacies nurtured by the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Taste the natural flavors of Hawaii where they grow!

On the rugged shore, you'll find a black sand beach that's favored by humans and turtles alike. Keep your eyes open for the iconic Hawaiian green sea turtles that come to soak up some sun, just like you!

It’s not surprising that this one-of-a-kind environment strongly influenced the culture of the people who lived here for centuries. The fire goddess Pele is a recurring protagonist in Hawaii’s rich mythology. Learn all about her struggles as she came across the Pacific to make these islands her home.

This tour takes you from fire-forged mountain to azure shore. From the fiery birth of the islands of Hawaii and into the future, the volcanoes have been the force that created—and continues to create—new land. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable and educational outdoors adventure.

Why should I book this tour?

We care deeply about our island home. For each guest who joins us on tour, a donation is made to the I’iwi fund to protect our unique Hawaiian ecosystem and culture.

Know before you book:

  • Guests should be physically fit enough to walk 2-3 miles on uneven terrain.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, long pants and a light jacket.
  • While volcanic activity is subject to the whims of nature (and Madame Pele) and can change at any time, please be aware that there has been no visible lava activity anywhere on the Big Island since September of 2018.
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