2.5 hours

Whale Watching Cruise (December-March)

Keep your eyes peeled and camera ready! This seasonal whale watching cruise will take you to the winter home of migrating humpback whales.


Witness the yearly humpback whale migration
See dolphins, sea turtles, and more
Tour narration provided by a marine life expert
Guaranteed whale sightings or return for free

Activity Times

1:00 PM

What's included?

Deluxe round trip sailing from Kailua Pier
Complimentary snacks: fresh tropical fruit, hummus dip, and more
Complimentary beverages: soda, juice, tea, coffee, & water
Cash bar available


Join us for a thrilling afternoon on the high seas! We'll sail from Kona for the rare opportunity to see the yearly humpback whale migrations firsthand while traveling in comfort and style.

Each December, over 8,000 humpback whales make the 4,000-mile-long journey home to the beautiful warm waters of Hawaii for their breeding and calving season.  Although once hunted to near extinction, humpback whale populations are growing slowly. And each year, a lucky few get the chance to voyage out on the open ocean and witness this natural phenomenon up close!

A pair of humpback whales near Big Island Hawaii

The humpback is a particularly captivating species due to its superior intelligence. They are one of only two whale types that are known to engage in a complicated behavior known as “bubble net feeding.” This is social behavior in which the whales cooperate in larger groups to gather food. They circle around and communicate the location of the prey while blowing bubbles to create a boundary that traps the school of fish inside. However, humpbacks only do this during their feeding season while in cooler waters. Humpbacks don't eat at all during their breeding season in Hawaii, from December to April.

Humpback singing is louder than that of any other whale species and an individual male will sometimes sing continuously for up to 24 hours! During your trip, you can listen to these otherworldly tones using a hydrophone through the boat’s sound system. We're excited to give you the opportunity to observe the complex behaviors of these intelligent marine mammals in real time!

The Cruise

Our deluxe catamaran departs from Kailua Pier in Kona at 1:00 p.m. each day that the ride is offered. Afternoons are the best time of day to see whales and frequently guests begin seeing whales as soon as the boat leaves the harbor.

Once you're aboard, get comfortable and relax with a complimentary snack or non-alcoholic beverage. You can also grab a refreshing tropical cocktail or cold beer from the cash bar, which features several local spirits. Then get ready for a truly breathtaking ride!

Body Glove catamaran setting out for a tour near Big Island

We'll head towards deeper waters, where whales tend to congregate. A marine wildlife specialist is on hand during all of our whale watch trips to discuss everything you want to know about humpback whales and other Hawaiian marine life. They'll be happy to answer all of your questions and provide information throughout the cruise.

The other crew members will help to make sure you don’t miss sighting any humpbacks when they surface.  Our staff is highly trained in seafaring protocol and best safety practices, so you can focus on having fun without worrying about anything.

Be sure to keep your camera ready.  The highlight of any whale-watching cruise is the magical moment when one of these magnificent creatures breaches, launching itself completely out of the water and landing with a mighty splash. The awe-inspiring size and agility of these impressive animals is truly amazing to behold and seeing them up close is an opportunity not to be missed.

Keep your eyes peeled for the spinner dolphins that inhabit the same waters, so named for their habit of playfully spinning around as they leap into the air. You might also spot pods of highly social pilot whales swimming by, or the ocean’s largest-toothed predator, the sperm whale, during your cruise, as well. Manta rays, sea turtles, and other fascinating marine life may also appear along the way.

A guest photographs a whale up close

Make the most of your memorable Hawaii vacation by letting us whisk you away for a magical afternoon of snacks, drinks, fun, learning—and of course, seeing whales up close and personal!

A Note About Humpback Sightings

We're confident in our crew's ability to find the whales when you cruise with us and stand behind our promise that you'll get a chance to see a real live humpback whale in its natural environment. We want to ensure that you have an incredible vacation, so if for some reason we do not see any whales on your tour, you're welcome to join us again for free!

Reef safe sunscreen

What To Bring

  • Cruise Confirmation
  • Camera or camera phone
  • Light jacket or raincoat
  • Hat or visor and sunglasses

Please avoid using commercial sunscreen, as most sunscreens can cause severe damage to the delicate coral reefs. We will provide complimentary "reef-safe" sunscreen onboard.


The weather will be temperate and warm, despite these being the cooler months of the year for this region. It will most likely not rain, and it is fairly certain that visibility will remain great throughout the excursion. Temperatures in Kailua-Kona in the winter months typically range between 70- and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so shorts and general warm weather wear, as well as sunglasses, are recommended.


We are proudly ADA-compliant and welcome all vacationers interested in a one-of-a-kind whale-watching experience. All activities are completely wheelchair accessible, and we welcome guests who use walkers or scooters as well as those with any other mobility impairment. This cruise is appropriate for guests of any age, and no strenuous activity is involved at any point of the cruise. If require accommodations of any kind—including but not limited to mobility assistance—please let us know when you make your booking, and we'll make the necessary arrangements.


We understand that the most important part of whale watching is the whales themselves. As a company, we pledge our dedication to sustainable practices that protect the overall health of Hawaii's marine habitat.

Operating Hours:

Whale Watch cruises run from 1:00pm-3:30pm, Thursday thru Tuesday from December thru March.


Parties of nine or less will receive full refund with 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. Parties of ten or more require 72 hours’ notice of cancellation for a full refund. Full refunds will be given in case of operator cancellation.

Getting There

Please park and check in at Body Glove Ocean Adventure's Retail Shop in Ilima Court Shopping Center

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