Kauai Zipline Tours

Aerial Adventures for the Whole Family!

Aerial view from a rider at Koloa Zipline on Kauai.

Kauai Zipline Tours: Soar over the Garden Isle!

A Kauai zipline tour may just be the high-flying adventure you are looking for! Ziplines are exhilarating anywhere, but on Kauai they are next level. Known as the “Garden Isle” due to its lush landscapes, Kauai makes a breathtaking canopy to glide over. 

All levels of experience are welcome on the zipline tours. The tours start off with a safety briefing to get everyone familiar with the various pieces of equipment. You will learn how to wear your harness and PPE and how to use the handlebar pulleys. This way you can relax and enjoy the ziplining experience while you’re out there. Also, most ziplines here now use an automated braking system, which is much more carefree and safer than the old-school hand braking system. 

Zipline Tour Locations

One of the best places to zipline on the island is at Koloa Zipline on South Shore. Koloa Zipline isn’t your average course. This course has eight thrilling lines, including three of the longest runs on the island. Each line has its own stunning view of the Garden Isle and Kauai’s southern coastline.

Beautiful views on Kauai's koloa zip line

Koloa Kauai Longest Zipline Course

Tour Length

3.5 Hours



Soar over Kauai's lush landscapes on the original headfirst zipline! Tour includes 3 of Kauai's longest lines, so you can savor your time in the air!
Enjoy the beauty of Kauai's south shore!
Eight zipline course
Two canopy hikes included
Soar solo, tandem, or handsfree if you prefer