Oahu Horseback Riding Tours

Experience a Different Side of Hawaii

Ocean view as seen from horseback during horseback riding tour on Oahu.

Oahu Horseback Riding Tours: Another Side of Island Life

Horses and horseback riding are a central part of an island lifestyle for many Hawaiians. Horse culture has a long history on the islands. The first horses arrived here over two hundred years ago to work on the early cattle ranches. Shortly after the arrival of horses, the Paniolo culture emerged, a unique and distinct Hawaiian cowboy culture. In fact, Hawaiian paniolos have been around since long before the cowboys of the “Wild West” became popularized.

Today, horses are still used on working ranches, trail riding tours, and for personal recreation. Horseback riding tours on Oahu are often located on working farms, and let you immerse yourself into a different side of Hawaiian life. If you’re ready to slow down the pace and experience something new, a horseback riding tour on Oahu might be for you!

Horseback riding with an ocean view from the trail

1.5 Hour Scenic Trail Ride (North Shore)

Tour Length

1.5 Hours



Experience Oahu's countryside up close! Ride down forest trails and across open pastures, to a mountain lookout with a stunning view.
Ride to a mountain lookout with ocean views
Explore working cattle ranch
See authentic Hawaiian cowboy culture
Beginners welcome!