4.5 hours

Deluxe Dolphin Watch & Snorkel BBQ

Enjoy stunning scenery, a hearty breakfast, a BBQ lunch, and two hours of the best snorkeling of your life at the Red Hill underwater lava formations.


Luxury Cruise on a Comfortable 65 Catamaran
Hearty Breakfast With Exceptional Service and Fresh Food
High-Dive Platform and a 20 Waterslide
Two Hours of Water Time Exploring Hawaii's Underwater Delights
Padi Scuba Opportunity for New or Certified Scuba Divers!
Magnificent Experiences and Photo Opportunities Throughout the Day
Delicious Barbecue Lunch as You Relax on the Ride Back to the Pier

Activity Times

8:00 AM

What's included?

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Beverages
Friendly, professional guides to enhance your snorkeling experience
Snorkel & Safety Gear (Life Vests, Inner Tubes, Rx Masks, Etc.)
Use of Water Toys, Stand-Up Paddle Boards, Foam Noodles, & More
Access to Our Pristine Shower & Changing Facilities
Reef-Safe Sunscreen


The Cruise

The cruise gets underway at 8:00 AM. This timing is perfect for spotting some of the spinner dolphins that play in the area. The famous dolphins get their name from their ability to spin acrobatically while they move through the air and water. From all accounts, it looks like they do this in sheer playful exuberance. Be sure to take plenty of photos of this magical sight! Part of the excitement is wondering when and where you’ll see the dolphins next, as we cruise along toward our snorkel destination, but the wait is usually not very long after leaving the harbor!

Enjoy a bite to eat and have a complimentary (non-alcoholic) beverage or two on the comfortable ride to the snorkel and scuba site. Later, guests over 21 can also enjoy a refreshing adult beverage from the expansive cash bar featuring local craft beers and perfectly made cocktails.

Hand crafted cocktails available on the Body Glove catamaran in Kona

There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans as well as those following a gluten-free diet. Spend a moment on the top deck, taking in the full 360 degrees of crystalline water as we make way toward the next exciting activity. We After about an hour, we arrive to a gorgeous diving locale known as Pu’u Ohau, or “Red Hill.” The hill is said to be the site of an ancient sacred burial ground, adding to the otherworldly beauty of the place.

The Scenery

The waters around Red Hill offer some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world. Stunning reefs of coral thrive there for you to observe under the guidance of our capable staff. The first main reef we see is Coral Gardens. We also visit the impressive lava tube amphitheater dive site during our time here. Lava tubes are caves or tube shapes formed by cooling lava from nearby volcanoes. This is also a world-famous dive site. The coral reefs here are shallower, and more light from the sun is able to filter down, highlighting the abundant marine life in the area. The Driftwood dive site is another renowned location in the area that we may visit, weather and time permitting. Everywhere you look, natural wonders are there to amaze you!

Another great benefit of our highly-trained crew members is that they're eager to point out some of the more exciting marine life as you explore. They know what to look for, and will make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Most importantly, however, they make sure that each of our guests is perfectly outfitted for their scuba or snorkel adventure. We provide diving masks and snorkels, thorough safety direction, safety vests, inflatable inner tubes, water toys, stand-up paddle boards, water noodles, and more! At least one trip down our thrilling 20-foot water slide is just the ticket to satisfy the kid in each of us. If you’re feeling extra brave, take a turn jumping off our 15-foot high dive platform. Or just relax and enjoy the perfect warm water and the sights and sounds (and smells and unmistakable feel) of the Kailua-Kona region. We are dedicated to making sure each of our guests, regardless of age or activity level, has everything they want to make their day on the water perfect . Our friendly and capable cruise staff stay with your party from the beginning to the end of the excursion. They also provide safety training to each of our guests once gear has been fitted out and everybody is ready to jump in.


This is where the real fun begins!

A snorkeler approaches the reef full of fish on the Big Island

See schools of bright and glittering tropical fish up close in the warm, tranquil water. You may well see one of our beloved Hawaiian green sea turtles—known to the locals as honu—or a rare and beautiful parrotfish. Red Hill is known for its clear visibility to great depths, so everywhere you look yields wondrous sights of aquatic life. The tour is also timed perfectly to give you the best view of marine activity while the sun’s rays are illuminating the stunning reefs and their inhabitants. Relax as you explore, knowing that your entire excursion has been planned to the smallest detail so you can focus on every experience of your senses in this unique destination. Pay close attention and you might spot the enormous but stealthy panther flounder that swims in the area.

Once you've fully explored the secrets of the depths around the dive sites, we gather back together for pictures while everybody prepares to board again for the return trip. Take a quick fresh-water shower in our sparkling facilities aboard the catamaran. Once you’re feeling refreshed and ready, get comfortable for the sunny cruise back to the harbor. Grab a drink at the cash bar on board to enjoy with your lunch. This is a great time to share stories and pictures of all the really special finds from your trip so far. Grab a plate of lunch prepared for you by the shipboard staff, with many tasty options for every palate. Enjoy a barbecue entree plus loads of different options for sides, with complimentary non-alcoholic sodas and other beverages for your enjoyment. There are plenty of lovely spots to get comfortable aboard our luxury craft. A sunny perch on the upper deck with a light breeze as you enjoy your appetizing lunch is the perfect way to reflect on your day of exotic adventure.

Everybody vacations a little differently and the beauty of our Deluxe Snorkel and Dolphin Watch with BBQ Lunch is that there’s something for guests of all interests and activity levels, and everyone's needs and wishes are catered to. We try to think of absolutely everything for your perfectly memorable day!


What to Bring

  • A Swimsuit
  • Comfortable Clothes (Shorts And A T-Shirt Are Perfect) 
  • A Towel
  • Water Shoes And A Mesh Bag Are Good To Have
  • An Underwater Camera
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with leaving all the planning to the experts! You can be confident that you’re getting a spectacular deal when you book your activity with us.

The ride is designed for maximizing fun activities, and the views are absolutely stunning…and we haven't even mentioned the dolphins! Our friendly and well-trained guides offer a thorough safety briefing for everyone, and they're happy to answer any questions you might have about snorkeling and safety as you prepare to encounter the exotic abundance of Hawaii’s many distinctive species of marine life!

A Note About Dolphins

We want to ensure that you have the incredible vacation excursion you've planned and saved for by promising that you'll see dolphins during this outing, or we’ll invite you back with us for free! This is a token of our enthusiasm to share the amazing feeling that is inspired by witnessing these creatures firsthand. After all, this is a Barbecue-Snorkeling-Dolphin-Sighting Hawaii adventure, and we want to ensure that you experience all the richness of our islands during your time with us!

Guests watch dolphins jump in the waters off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Know before you book:

  • Do not plan to fly or drive to high elevations within 24 hours of your scuba dive.
  • Coral destruction is a serious concern. Please heed all guide instructions about how to be a mindful steward of the ocean.
  • Advance registration is required for scuba diving, as class sizes are limited.
  • The Deluxe Snorkel and Dolphin Watch is suitable for all ages, but please let us know if you have any infants so we can make appropriate arrangements for their safety and comfort.


Parties of nine or less will receive full refund with 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. Parties of ten or more require 72 hours’ notice of cancellation for a full refund. Full refunds will be given in case of operator cancellation.

Getting There

Please park and check in at Body Glove Ocean Adventure's Retail Shop in Ilima Court Shopping Center

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