1.5 Hours

Manta Ray Snorkel Big Island (Waikoloa)

Take a nighttime trip on the water with a small, intimate group to witness Manta Rays up close and personal.

Adult (Ages 13+)

Children (Ages 5 to 12)




Snorkel with Manta Rays at night!
Watch as they feed on plankton
Located just 10 minutes from Waikoloa Village
Personalized, small group tours

Activity Times

6:30 PM

What's included?

Short 10 minute boat ride to the viewing site.
Learn about these amazing creatures and their behaviors that draw them to the viewing site.
Wet suits, life jackets and snorkel gear are all provided.
Drinks and a snack are served after your snorkel.


Manta Ray Snorkel on Big Island

A yellow boat sits next to a dock with a colorful sunset over the ocean behind it. For decades, the Manta Ray Snorkel on Big Island has delighted guests by providing easy access to an amazing phenomenon. You too can join the countless happy snorkelers that flock to this once-in-a-lifetime event. There are many locations to view nightly Manta Ray feedings. This viewing site is in the North, near Waikoloa Village and Hapuna Beach. The tour begins at Puakō Boat Ramp, 10 minutes away from Waikoloa Village. Tours leave at sunset and you'll enjoy a colorful sky as the boat leaves the dock. Along the way, your guides will inform you of how the Manta Rays came to visit this site and how scientists identify and study them.
Snorkelers hang on to a surfboard at night while a giant Manta Ray swims beneath them. When you arrive at the viewing site you'll notice lights and activity in the water. The Manta Rays rarely disappoint but they also don't stay long. Time to jump in and see them in action! All your snorkel gear will be provided, including mask and snorkel, a wet suit and floatation devices. Your guides will instruct you on how to maximize your viewing experience and how to leave the creatures undisturbed. You'll float on the surface and watch as these harmless animals feed on millions of tiny sea creatures. The plankton flock to the bright lights in the water. As they feed, the Manta Rays seem to perform tricks, but their somersaults are an effective way to filter large amounts of plankton from the water. With years of experience, the Manta Ray snorkel on Big Island has perfected a safe and sustainable way to enjoy these majestic creatures. Remain calm in the water and watch the Manta Rays do their thing.
On your return trip to Puakō Boat Ramp, you'll enjoy a beautiful starlit sky out on the ocean. The staff will offer drinks and snacks for the ride home. Your guides can answer any questions you have about what you saw underwater. The excitement is hard to contain after an experience like this. It's not uncommon to find guests that have been on the tour before but can't wait to go again. The Manta Ray Snorkel on Big Island is one of the most popular events on the island. Don't miss your chance to swim with the Manta Rays!A giant Manta Ray swims through bubbles from scuba divers.

Operating Hours and Schedule:

  • The Manta Ray Snorkel runs 7 nights a week with a few exceptions.
  • Tour departures begin at sunset. Actual start times change with the seasons.
  • Please see the calendar for availability.


48 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellation or rebooking must be done 48 hours prior to the departure time of your scheduled trip.
Special Considerations
Children under the age of 5 years old are not allow on this tour.
We require that every guest know how to swim if they plan to enter the water on this tour.
Manta Ray sightings are not guaranteed. If we don't see Manta Rays, you will be offered a 'Come Again Free' ticket, good for 1 year.

Getting There

The Manta Ray Snorkel leaves from the Puakō Boat Ramp on Puakō Beach Drive, near Hapuna Beach State Park.

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